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Our Roadmap

In the service, we have experienced land navigation and have leaned on our map and our compass (our azimuth check!) to guide us. We2AreVets 501c3 considers ourselves that 'point (wo)man' in the front, guiding our community of women veterans and allies on a journey towards a more inclusive and celebrated destination for our deserving women veteran population!

We2AreVets 501c3 is committed to sharing our goals and efforts to our donors and community. Our Roadmap will keep in mind the goals of the organization and the current needs of the community. Our             page will be the source of all of the upcoming events that will align with our roadmap. 


To Honor and Recognize Women Veterans

  • Recognize women veterans through various recognition campaigns throughout the calendar year for their accomplishments both in-service and post-service

  • Honor and promote the merits of women veterans through an award recognition program

  • Create an oral history series on the unique challenges of women veterans that will honor, recognize and empower women veterans in their own terms and in their own words

  • Promote and leverage the merits of women veterans to  employers, organizations and leaders through social media content and both virtual and in-person events



To Inform, Educate, and Train Leaders, Organizations and Universities

  • Leverage the DEI focus and create an allyship program for organizations and universities that will place an emphasis on women veterans

  • Provide informational papers and presentations to interested parties to promote merits of women veteran population

  • Create a formal award (recognition) program for community leaders, organizations and university faculty and staff to receive that will be founded in the honor of the merits of women veterans




To Empower Women Veterans

  • Provide networking opportunities in both virtual and in-person, for women veterans to have with one another and others in communities of support (including business and non-business leaders)

  • Partner with up-and-coming institute (Beyond Their Service Institute - BTSI) to provide coaching opportunities for women veterans to be coached and become certified coaches, with an alliance of support and entrepreneurship opportunities

  • Build a mentorship program for women veterans that will include leaders in the workforce 

  • Provide webinars, master classes, education and training opportunities powered by We2AreVets and partnership with up-and-coming institute (Beyond Their Service Institute - BTSI) that will focus on topics of interest as well as topics that will align with professional development

  • Create scholarship and professional development opportunities for women veterans 

  • Create ‘sponsorship’ opportunities through donations and donor campaigns for women veterans that will support their personal, professional, and academic goals 

We2AreVets Board Members "Walk Down Memory Lane"

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