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We2AreVets 501c3 will be dedicated to a calendar of events that promotes community for our women veterans and their families. We will work to honor the merits of women veterans through internationally and nationally recognized months and celebrations. Through our events, we will also partner with other nonprofits, institutions, organizations and community leaders to provide an array of opportunities to both women veterans and leaders through allyship and advocacy efforts. We2AreVets 501c3 firmly believes in the inclusivity of our women veterans for each nationally (and internationally) recognized day/celebration. Our women veterans deserve to be recognized and honored! 

If you are interested in attending an event, please click on event details below. Please consider following our social media accounts, which give the quickest and most accurate information regarding events. 

If you are interested in partnering or sponsoring an event, please reach out through our contact form, click the chat button below, or send an email to: 

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