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Each of our board members is affiliated with the military. All are Veterans and believe in "service beyond the uniform". In addition to having served the military ourselves, we all have family members that have also served and/or are still serving in the ranks of our military.


 Each of our board members brings  a unique perspective to We2AreVets 501c3. 

Destinee Prete, PhD
Woman Veteran

"Between my own military to civilian transition struggles, my work in the veteran transition space, the thousands of hours I have logged coaching and mentoring women (and men) veterans, and my doctoral degree research, I knew I had to create an organization that honors, empowers and recongizes our women veteran sisters."

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Colleen Heron
Woman Veteran

 "I am privileged to work alongside this strong, dedicated team to develop new and creative ways to increase the awareness of our female veteran population. I identify with those we serve and embrace the We2AreVets mission to honor, empower, and recognize women veterans as they enter and reintegrate into the civilian workforce."

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Troy Glassman, PhD

"Growing up with a single mother, being married to an Army Veteran, and having an Army Veteran daughter (Destinee Prete), have all been factors that led to the creation of We2AreVets 501c3. I have a strong passion for our women veterans and their service to our great country. Leading our military is one of the greatest achievements I have had and I have been an advocate and ally to so many strong women service members and leaders!"

"Keep the fire!"

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Gary Johnson

"Always a supporter of "Girl Power", I grew up in a single parent household, where I realized at a young age that females are no less capable than males. Above all, my biggest inspiration has been my daughter, Lindsay. After graduating from the U.S. Air Force Academy, Lindsay earned her pilot wings, and was selected to be an A-10 pilot. I hope to further advance the efforts of other female military veterans."

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Margie Farmer
Advisory Board Member,
Woman Veteran 

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